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How to Get Over a Brain Freeze with these 3 Easy Steps

You’re sitting in your office and you have a big proposal you need to present that afternoon.

There’s a lot that needs to be done:  research, build spreadsheets, create charts and package this all together in a cohesive report that lands your company the job.

You’ve got five hours to get it done.

But instead of getting to work on it, you’re sitting there frozen, not sure where to begin.


Do You Need More Time?

The other day I was talking with a very good friend of mine and for probably the hundredth time he said to me, “I really need to meditate, I want you to teach me how to meditate but I need to find the time.  I just need to get this next project completed.”

Of all my friends, colleagues and acquaintances he is by far the busiest person I know.

BUT he’s not really that unique…..  TIME is what we all seem to need more of!  Everyone seems to be running out of time and it’s driving us crazy!