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Is thinking making your life better?

Eckhart Tolle suffered from depression for most of his adult life. One evening as he berated himself for being such a loser and lamenting why his life was meaningless, the pain became so intense he cried out, “I can’t live with myself anymore.” Followed by, “who is the ‘I’ that can no longer live with itself*?” 

With that one question, in the midst of his torment, he had a massive transformation.


How to Turn Performance Anxiety into a Superpower

If its possible, before I give a talk I try to go and sit in a bathroom.

Hopefully I’m alone as I start with a few deep breaths and then meditate for a few minutes.
With my mind clear, I open my eyes and say, “I’m excited.”

Because even though I did a short meditation, public speaking, whether it’s 5 people or 500 does create a little bit of anxiety. It’s a very vulnerable state.  We’re opening ourselves up for criticism, ridicule, and possible embarrassment.


What Is Our Most Self-Destructive Habit?

For the last few months I’ve been working on filming an online meditation course.

I knew it was going to be a big project, but honestly I did not think that four months after we began filming I would still be working on it!

The filming was tough – talking to a camera is not as easy as it looks.

But the hardest part was having to watch myself for hours on end, as I slowly edited down the content.