My Journey to Inner Peace

From Wall Street to Mexico

For over two decades I climbed the ladder of success in the world of finance – starting out as a secretary for Barclays Bank in Australia to a Partner and Trader at a Hedge Fund in the US. 

I thought that the more I achieved the happier I would be. If I could just get that new title, make a little more money, and have a bigger home then I could relax and enjoy it all.

But the reality wasn’t remotely like that. I would strive and stress and worry thinking my happiness was just on the other side of where I was, only to achieve something, and watch that good feeling of success fall through my hands like grains of sand. 

It was a cycle of hope that fueled stress, a moment of happiness and then disappointment when I didn’t find the peace and happiness I was looking for. The sense of lack always coming back stronger, as it became harder to keep believing the lie of happiness is just over there.

I explored countless options, from self-help books to new age gurus to therapy. Nothing seemed to bring me the lasting peace and contentment I sought. 

That is, until I stumbled upon meditation in 1999. It changed everything for me. It transformed my daily experience, my ability to handle stress, and best of all it changed the unworthy perception I had of myself. 

I continued working in the financial industry for some time, but I was a different person: calm and more relaxed.  And while I still sought to learn and push myself in my career, my happiness was no longer dependent on it. I enjoyed where I was and where I was heading. I finally knew the peace I had been searching for. 

A Leap of Faith and a New Mission

The impact of meditation on my life was so profound that, fourteen years after beginning my practice, I made a life-altering decision. I left the security of my job, my comfortable home, and my partner to dedicate my life to my spiritual journey. 

My mission was crystal clear: live a simple life dedicated to my practice and guide others on their path to inner peace.

To me there is nothing more important than intimately knowing the peace that connects us all. 

My life today is very simple. I live in a small village in Southern Baja Mexico with my three dogs. I follow my spiritual path, I help others follow theirs, and I am at peace.

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