Journey to Your True Self

Weekly Group Meditations

Journey to Your True Self

The Problem

With everything we have achieved in our modern societies, it is astounding that
the levels of stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness,
and dissatisfaction continues to rise.

While we can blame the pandemic, really it just
exposed a problem that’s been there for some time.

A universal yearning for contentment and peace
that when we find it, never seems to last.

The solution is not outside of you, it’s inside of you.

When you turn inwards and experience your true nature, you are at peace,
not only with yourself, with the world.

What I’m offering you is a path to come back to your true nature
and know the peace and harmony that is your true nature.

I’m not promising this will happen for you overnight.

I’m also not suggesting this won’t require effort on your part.

For my part, I offer you a genuine path.

Each week, I gently guide you with wisdom teachings and compassion practices that slowly
peel back the veil of dissatisfaction to reveal what has always been there.

Are you ready?

Class Details

Format: Each class starts with a short wisdom teaching (10-15 minutes) followed by a guided meditation (10-15 minutes). The total time will always be 30-minutes.

How do you access the classes? Once you have signed up via the link below you will be given full access to the Members’ Library online. All the video lessons are there so you can start at the beginning, and also go back and listen to the lessons as many times as you wish. You set the pace as you have full access to every part of the course from day one!

Price: The monthly cost is $20.

Cancellation Policy: You can cancel at any time by simply canceling your Stripe/Paypal subscription.


Is it OK if I’m a beginner? Absolutely. The course starts out with topics anyone at any level of spiritual practice can relate to. Just make sure to start at the beginning. The course is progressive, and we’ve gone to a pretty deep and profound level of understanding the nature of reality and who we really are.

How many classes are there? Right now there are over 50 classes in the Members’ Library, and each week a new class is added.

How are the classes viewed? All the classes are in one place on my website. You will be given access to this web page and can stream every class as many times as you like.

Is there support outside of the classes?  Yes, you can email me anytime, whether you are unsure about a topic or how to relate something to your own personal circumstances. I am always here for you.

Can I join the live classes? If you are caught up on all the lessons, yes, you can absolutely join us live each Sunday. The point of keeping the live classes closed is because of the huge leaps of progression we’ve been able to make because we’ve all been progressing together. If you’ve made it through all the recorded classes, just email me and I’ll add you to the live classes. I will be happy to have you join us live each week.


Meredith’s class series has changed my understanding of my life, others in it, how one unintentionally brings pain and suffering to oneself, and how to no longer create ones own suffering.  Becoming aware of and understanding the voices that loop in our head and the messages we tell ourselves is revolutionary to me.

The time I spend learning from Meredith is incredibly rewarding. I recommend this series and also her 8-part e-series.  Meredith is science-based and superb at making the concepts oh so clear. The teachings resonate far more than I ever would have guessed.

Be good to yourself and learn from her.

Jackie Mann
San Diego, California

I have been working with Meredith for several years now. Her down to earth approach to meditation practice is very easily understood and simple to incorporate into daily life. As I get deeper into the practice, I find myself moving in the direction of improved relationships, greater calm, and clarity. It sounds too good to be true, that’s how it is!! 

Gayle Null
San Francisco, California

I met Meredith and meditated with her privately just before the COVID pandemic swept across our country.  Her calm presence helped me to relax and let go of some troubling and stressful family issues that I was dealing with at the time. Her calm voice and well structured meditation sessions helped me start meditating on a regular basis again. As a result, I became more relaxed and energized. When the COVID pandemic made it impossible to meet in person, she offered the online meditation sessions through the Zoom platform.  I jumped at the chance to join in! The good news is that I continued getting the same results through Zoom as I did with my in person meditation sessions with Meredith. Her presentation transcends the limits of time and space so that I would encourage anyone who is interested in calming the mind, relaxing the body and transforming old wounds into joyful energy to take advantage of her meditation sessions. Through her online lessons I have learned that one cannot change what happened in the past but one can heal and transform the wounds from the past that keep us from living fully in the present moment!

Steve Anderson
San Diego, California

Meredith has developed and incorporated her own style of meditations and teachings, which can be practiced with ease. With her expertise and methods, she has shown her students how to open their hearts.  I have gained insight into the mind’s true nature and learned how to use the principles of Buddhism to become more centred and balanced in my daily life.  Meredith is sincere, thoughtful, and dedicated in her personal approach to guiding students of all ages in their quests of attaining peace, contentment, and wisdom, including following a spiritual path.

Sue Mohr
eston, B.C.

Meredith Hooke, CMMI, CLC

The spiritual path I teach is largely influenced by Tibetan Buddhist Wisdom Teachings and Practices and integrated with 21st-century neuroscience. I have spent over 20 years studying eastern philosophy, attending intensive meditation retreats, and understanding how our minds and brains work. Originally from Australia, and having lived the last 30 years in the US, I now reside in a small fishing village in Southern Baja, Mexico. I teach classes online, in person, and offer retreats in the US and Mexico.