Welcome to Peaceful Minds for Busy Lives

Congratulations! You are making your happiness a priority.

While you can do this course at your leisure, I would strongly encourage you to set aside one hour per week, mark it on your calendar and commit to that time.

You will be learning a lot about your mind and brain – and how to let the small stuff go and be more at ease with life’s ups and downs. But it doesn’t happen magically. 

I need you to show up each week and take in everything you can about how to be happier and more peaceful.

Two things to note about the course as of July 2022:

1) In the past, this course was sold for $199, and I am now making it accessible to everyone for free. By opening the course up, without requiring each person to create a username and password, we can’t keep track of each lesson you’ve done by marking it complete. So you will have to keep track of that on your own.

2) In Lesson 2, I talk about a Mindfulness Bracelet you should have received by now. Because you didn’t sign up with your physical address, I don’t send them out automatically. But I am still happy to send you one (and a few others that I have now) – just email me directly: meredith@meredithhooke.com.

Lastly, if you need anything, please email me. I am happy to help.


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