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Why Laughter is the Best Teacher

My favorite teachers all have one thing in common – they make me laugh.  It’s not just that they are funny but that they are enjoying themselves as much as their audience.  It’s infectious.

Whenever I’m listening to teachers who are taking themselves too seriously or not able to find the humor in life, I tune out immediately.  I just can’t relate to it.

So when I teach, I try to bring in funny stories to get my point across.  Not just because it’s fun (although that is a good reason!), but because I think it’s the most effective way to learn.


Why We Long for the Past?

When we think back to our past, it’s usually with big smiles and lots of nostalgia – those were good times – we were happy then.

But were we really happy?

I’m not suggesting you haven’t had many good times but there is always something you are leaving out that makes the memory seem that little bit better than it really was.