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Why Multitasking is Addicting?

Its 8:00 am you’ve just dialed into a conference call. As you wait for the other participants to come on you open up e-mail.

As the call begins you turn your attention to the call for maybe five minutes before you turn back to e-mail and finish up the reply you were working on before.

Message sent – back to the conference call.


Can You Know if You Are Wrong?

Is it possible for you to know if you are wrong?

The problem with being wrong is that it feels the same as if we were right.

It’s impossible to know you’re wrong.  You can only know that you were wrong not that you are wrong.

We cling to our own views and only seek out information that validates our position and dismiss anything that contradicts it.


What’s the #1 Factor for Success?

Contrary to popular belief, the Number 1 factor for success is not intelligence, it’s not social skills, who you know or what school you went to.  According to Dr. Angela Duckworth, its grit and I completely agree with her.

So what is grit?

Grit is perseverance, stamina and resilience.