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What’s the #1 Factor for Success?

Contrary to popular belief, the Number 1 factor for success is not intelligence, it’s not social skills, who you know or what school you went to.  According to Dr. Angela Duckworth, its grit and I completely agree with her.

So what is grit?

Grit is perseverance, stamina and resilience.


Has Meditation Made Me Happier?

There’s been a lot of talk over Dan Harris’ book “10% Happier” – and often I am asked has meditation made me happier?

The answer to that is yes, it’s absolutely made me happier.  I would estimate I’m at least 75% happier since I started meditating – maybe more; but not the way you expect.

I’m not happier in a giddy, excited – life is one great big party kind of way.  And quite frankly I’m glad for that – that can get annoying after a while.