Bringing Buddhist Wisdom to Everyday Life

Discover the art of mindful living, as you are gently guided on a journey towards inner peace and contentment.

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A Path of Peace

 “After an exhaustive and fruitless search for peace in the external world, we turn our attention inwards and find it was here the whole time.”

Meredith Hooke

Your Journey Begins

Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced meditator, I offer a variety of ways to work together to help guide you on your journey of inner peace and happiness.

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Weekly Sangha

Each week we meet over Zoom to meditate and explore Buddhist wisdom and compassion teachings to guide us in living more peacefully, joyfully and harmoniously.

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Private Sessions

Private Sessions to meet you where you are. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, together we can take your practice to a deeper level.

Retreat 2018


Discover upcoming workshops and retreats that provide the time and space to delve deeper into specific topics, enhancing your understanding and wisdom.

Video & Audio Library

Guided Meditations

Dharma Talks

Beginner's Course

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Learn to Meditate

If you are brand new to meditation, start here and enjoy my free 8-week video course giving you everything you need to learn to meditate, practice mindfulness and begin your journey to inner peace and freedom.


I’m Meredith, a long-term meditator, student of Buddhism, and Teacher with a practice spanning 25 years. 

Over this time, I have developed a unique teaching style that combines the foundational teachings of Tibetan and Theravada Buddhism with 21st century neuroscience. While my approach is grounded in ancient Buddhist wisdom, the teachings are accessible to anyone wanting to deepen their spiritual practice (you do not have to be Buddhist to benefit from this wisdom).


If you’d like to read more about my journey from stress to inner peace, please click below.

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Let Forgiveness Set You Free

I forgive you. Those three little words can release anger and resentment, improve your physical and mental health, and boost your overall wellbeing.  In this step-by-step workbook you’ll learn how to let go of the pain so you can forgive and be free again.